Best-Tasting Low-Fat Cheeses

Weight Loss

1. BEST LOW-FAT CHEESE: CHEDDAR Cabot 50% Light Vermont Cheddar With a smooth, buttery appearance and savory flavor, this cheese additionally can be found in treat packs. Per 1 oz serving: 70 cal, 4.5 g fat 2. BEST SPREADABLE LOW-FAT CHEESE Alouette Light Cucumber Dill “Just the correct amount of dill,” noted one happy tester. And also its numbers are perfect, also. Per 2 Tbsp offering: 50 cal, 4 g fat 3. BEST LOW-FAT CHEESE FOR SNACKING The Chuckling Cow Light Exquisite Cheese Bites These creamy cubes pack great deals of sharp bite right into every 6-calorie morsel. Per 3/4 oz offering: 35 cal, 2 g fat 4. BEST LOW-FAT CHEESE: MOZZARELLA Polly-O Component Skim Mozzarella Mellow flavor and 1 g less of heart-clogging saturated fat per serving. Per 1 oz offering: 70 cal, 5 g fat 5. BEST BISCUIT TOPPER LOW-FAT CHEESE Legendairy Light This smooth, velvety Gouda was a favorite amongst testers that liked its “mildly sharp” flavor and “smooth” texture. Per 1 oz serving: 86 cal, 5 g fat 6. BEST LOW-FAT CHEESE: SWISS Jarlsberg Lite A slice has half the fat of routine and a 3rd less calories; it has a soft, nutty taste and also melts well. Per 3/4 oz serving: 50 cal, 2.5 g fat (Posted December 2006).

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